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Corrected entry: When the Gang is going to Palm Springs over President's day weekend early in the series, Kelly and Donna tell Brenda she's the last virgin. This implies that Donna is not a virgin, however, after she starts dating David, all of a sudden she IS a virgin and wants to wait until she's married.

Debby Kelly

Correction: Donna may not have wanted to seem 'uncool' by admitting that she's a virgin. It wasn't until she started dating David that it became an issue, and she had to make a stand against it.

Stand (Up) and Deliver - S1-E17

Visible crew/equipment: When Brenda is talking with Michael Miller, you can see a microphone come into the top of the frame.

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Brandon Walsh: It was good to see you back at the Peach Pit tonight. I know it took a lot of courage.
Brenda Walsh: Brandon, please, I've had quite enough praise for a while.
Brandon Walsh: All right, you're a huge loser. How's that?
Brenda Walsh: Oh, much better.

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Fade In, Fade Out - S6-E17

Trivia: At the Peach Pit After Dark, Steve and the gang screen the film Unholy Rollers (1972), in which Nat appears. Joe E. Tata, who plays Nat, actually had a supporting role in that film.

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