Beverly Hills, 90210

Correction: I live 45 minutes from Buffalo, NY. It is referred to as Upstate or Western, NY. Upstate would be correct as it is referred to as opposed to downstate which in NYC.

The Green Room - S1-E2

Corrected entry: In the scene where Steve is talking to his mother via speaker about having dinner together, she tells him to be nice to David Silver, as his father Mel is a "producer casting a part I'd be perfect for. However, in all other episodes, David's father Mel is known to be a dentist in Beverly Hills.

Correction: That is the episode where Steves mom has Mel Silver the producer and Mel Silver David's dad mistaken for one another. Steve was nice to David in this episode until he found out from David that his dad is a dentist, not a producer.

Skin Deep - S8-E28

Corrected entry: In this episode, Janet tells Steve that her parents were hippies who taught her to believe in free love. In future episodes, she gets pregnant by Steve. Now her parents are conservative and refuse to accept her and Steve and will not come to their wedding.

Correction: ,Janet does say that, but in a few episodes afterwards, Steve makes the same remark and Janet says that she was lying.

The Long Goodbye - S7-E26

Corrected entry: In this episode, Steve asks Brandon if he'd ever heard Clare sing before (as she's pretty bad) and he says no. In Divas (when she showed up at his house when his parents were away and handcuffed herself to his bed) she sang while dancing for him - and actually had a pretty good voice.

Correction: I always assumed that Brandon just didn't want to relive that whole 'seduction scene'. He omitted the truth, this isn't a TV mistake.

Unnecessary Roughness - S7-E16

Corrected entry: At the Peach Pit After Dark, David and Tom are preparing for Super Bowl weekend. But the Super Bowl is played at the end of winter, and the gang is all about two weeks away from graduation, which occurs at the end of spring.

Cubs Fan

Correction: The graduation doesn't take place till episode 31, which aired in May. While preparations may have been made for graduations, they certainly were never 2 weeks away from graduation and no mistakes were made.


Correction: If you watch Donna when she is handed the first glass of champagne, she downs it quickly. Then someone else hands her another glass of champagne which she starts sipping on.

All That Jazz - S7-E28

Corrected entry: When Kelly and Valerie are discussing what happened outside Brandon's house two years ago, there are two flash-backs. In the first flash-back Valerie has her arms down along her body when she says "hello" to Kelly, but in the second flash-back her arms are crossed when she says "hello".


Correction: The flashbacks are told from both characters' points of view, and they each remember the event differently. That's why stance, tones of voice, and the conversation differ in each flashback.

Show generally

Corrected entry: When the Gang is going to Palm Springs over President's day weekend early in the series, Kelly and Donna tell Brenda she's the last virgin. This implies that Donna is not a virgin, however, after she starts dating David, all of a sudden she IS a virgin and wants to wait until she's married.

Debby Kelly

Correction: Donna may not have wanted to seem 'uncool' by admitting that she's a virgin. It wasn't until she started dating David that it became an issue, and she had to make a stand against it.

Correction: Valerie does state that she killed her father but not by her own hands. She had told her father that she was going to tell her mother about the sexual abuse and that is when he went into the bathroom later that day and killed himself. She blamed herself therefore telling David she killed her father...she felt responsible.

Wildfire - S2-E8

Corrected entry: In this episode, the gang (except David and Scott) starts its junior year (11th grade). However, they started their junior year in the first episode of the series.

Correction: In the beginning of the series it is stated that David and Scott are freshmen. It is also stated throughout the series that David is a year behind Donna, and in the Graduation episode that David worked to graduate a year early with his friends, meaning that David and Scott were only one year behind the rest of the gang. That would mean that the gang started their Sophomore year in the first episode of the series, not their Junior year.

Show generally

Other mistake: When the show aired in 1990, in the pilot episode Brenda falls for Jason. She later on reveals herself to be a "16 year old junior" in high school. Season 2 opens up with the gang on summer break which technically would make them going into their senior year. It wasn't until Season 3 that they were going into their senior year. They graduated in 1993 from West Beverly but the show debuted in 1990 so technically they should have been sophomores.

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Season 1 generally

Question: In the first few episodes, the Walshes live in a different house than the one they live in throughout the series. Nothing was ever even mentioned, I don't think. Was it a mistake, or did I miss the explanation?

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