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The Following Options - S9-E9

Continuity mistake: When Dylan pulls up to the After Dark, a group of guys come over and ogle his car, but when Dylan enters the club, one of the guys outside is already at the bar. (00:11:15 - 00:11:50)

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Steve Sanders: Girls mature faster than guys.
Brandon Walsh: Not in my house they don't.

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Trivia: James Eckhouse plays Jim Walsh, father of Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley). In real life, Eckhouse is only 14 years older than Priestley.

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Question: I wasn't a regular viewer of the show, but there's a question that I really need answered: What does the chant "Donna Martin Graduates" mean? Did Donna do something that threatened her graduation from high school?

Answer: The students were told by the faculty that anyone found to be intoxicated at the Senior Prom would not be allowed to participate in graduation activities. Donna had a little too much champagne at Mel's house and in the limo and got drunk. At the Prom she spent most of the time in the bathroom, being sick. As the gang tried to discreetly usher her to the car, Donna fell and Mrs. Teasly questioned her and realized that she was drunk. "Donna Martin graduates" is what her classmates chanted after a walk-out on their final exams, in protest to the fact that the board was meeting inside to make the final decision of Donna's fate. Big surprise: Donna Martin graduated.

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