Beverly Hills, 90210
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 4
16 Crunch Time 1
17 Thicker Than Water 0
18 Heartbreaker 0
19 The Labors of Love 0
20 Scared Very Straight 0
21 Addicted to Love 0
22 Change Partners 0
23 A Pig Is a Boy Is a Dog 0
24 Cuffs and Links 0
25 The Time Has Come Today 1
26 Blind Spot 0
27 Divas 0
28 Acting Out 0
29 Truth and Consequences 0
30 Vital Signs 1
31 Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (1) 0
32 Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (2) 1
Season 5
Season 5 generally 0
1 What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories 0
2 Under the Influence 1

Reunion - S8-E27

Continuity mistake: At the reunion, Kelly tells the story of how Ross Webber spread rumors about her after they slept together, but in season 7, it was revealed that Steve was the one who started those rumors.

Cubs Fan

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Show generally

Question: How did Steve and Janet end up with the Walsh house? I know that Steve was living there with Brandon once the Walshes moved to Japan, but once Brandon left, did they sell the house to Steve?


Chosen answer: I'm sure something like that happened. Brandon (always being the good and concientious friend) probably passed on the title so Steve could live in the house legally and if anything happened like a fire, would be there to take charge.

Tobin OReilly

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