V: The Final Battle: Part 2 (2 Hrs) - S1-E4

Plot hole: During the raid on the pumping station, Elias overpowers a Visitor guard and throws him off the catwalk - into a hall full of workers, engineers, and even more guards. Strange that no one notices.

Dreadnaught - S2-E2

Plot hole: At the press conference Ham Tyler positions himself only a few feet in front of about half a dozen security guards, yet not one of them notices him, even when he starts shooting. (00:35:45)


The Deception - S2-E4

Plot hole: Ham Tyler doesn't recognise Kyle Bates even though he met him in the internment camp in episode 3. Ham also makes exactly the same remark about Nathan Bates in both episodes. (00:10:30)


The Champion - S2-E14

Plot hole: In the opening scene we see Mike and Kyle driving in the truck. Kyle remarks that Mike has been driving since midnight and it is broad daylight outside. So they have supposedly been driving for several hours. Yet they start talking about their mission as if they have only just got in to the truck. As anyone who has been in that kind of situation knows, everyone always discusses the important stuff at the start of the journey, so it is clear that the scene has been poorly scripted. (00:02:00)


The Dissident - S2-E8

Plot hole: Daniel is killed by Diana at the end of episode 7, but he reappears at the end of episode 8. (00:45:00)


The Sanction - S2-E5

Plot hole: Kyle asks Elizabeth how she knocked out the guys at the theater, but he didn't actually see what happened as he was across the street facing away from the theater. And Elizabeth wouldn't have told him as she was trying to keep it a secret. (00:12:30 - 00:20:00)


Visitor's Choice - S2-E6

Revealing mistake: When Kyle, Elizabeth and Robin are in the truck being chased by Mr. Chiang, in all the outside shots of the truck it is very easy to see that all three of them have been replaced by doubles. (00:09:05)

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Season 2 generally

Trivia: This is the TV version of the two made-for-television films.

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