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Corrected entry: In one episode Steve is trying to glue something to the back of Laura's earring. He drops some glue on her shoulder by mistake. When he goes to wipe it off his hand gets stuck he was using "super glue". If you look closely you can see it's just a bottle of kids school glue.

logan crews

Correction: It was special glue he made. He didn't make the bottle, he just used an old one.

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Corrected entry: In the episode where Eddie drives his car through the front door, and ends up in the living room, how is this possible? If you look, the front of the house, there are 10 steps to reach the front door.

logan crews

Correction: He could have easily driven up those ten steps.

Show generally

Corrected entry: Where did Richie's mother Rachel go? After Richie gets older, Rachel slowly disappears from the show with no explanation. Richie still lives with Carl and Harriet and never once mentions his mother.

Correction: Not true. There is one episode, a Christmas episode I believe, when Richie says he misses his mother and by the end of the episode, she turns up for a visit.

Carl Missouri

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