Family Matters

Ice Station Winslow - S2-E14

Revealing mistake: Carl, Eddie, and Steve are out ice fishing. At one point Carl falls through the "ice" and you can clearly see that the "ice" is made of some sort of styrofoam. It looks like the stuff used for packaging. The snow looks just as fake.

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Suggested correction: I just watched this scene, and at no point are there flies on the camera, much less for 6 to 8 seconds, as there are multiple shot changes in this sequence, with only one of those shots lasting longer than 6 seconds.

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Revealing mistake: In the episode where Steve is helping Richie with a science project, Steve turns on the tornado machine which malfunctions and causes a very powerful wind to blow through that begins to decimate the kitchen. While this is happening, Richie is forced through a door and out of the kitchen by the wind. When Richie is again, as he is holding onto the doorway, support wires are attached to him lifting him up.

The Looney Bin - S6-E4

Revealing mistake: When Carl, Steve and Mr. Looney first get locked in the bomb shelter and the door slams shut you can see it bounce back slightly. It doesn't stick closed.

In a Jam - S1-E19

Revealing mistake: When Eddie punches Bull in the gut and Bull curls over, you can see the squared edges of the padding the actor is wearing under his shirt to soften the blow.

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Continuity mistake: From the outside of the house, you can see the staircase and door are to the far left of the house. But from inside the house, you have a fireplace and the staircase to the right of the door. So you know it's not the same house they use in the show.

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Carl: Go home! Go home! Go home!
Steve: I don't have to take this. I'm going home.

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Rock Enroll - S5-E13

Trivia: Towards the end of the show when they bring the cake out for Steve a crewmember walks past on the right of the screen.

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Question: Is it true that the show's set was burned down? Either way, why was the show ended so suddenly (before Laura and Steve's wedding was even shown)?

Answer: It was just cancelled. Read more here:


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