Only Fools and Horses

Sickness & Wealth - S6-E5

Revealing mistake: When Rodney is asking Del if he thinks the bathroom is haunted, you can see stage lights in his spoon. (00:10:20)

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Little Problems - S6-E6

Revealing mistake: As Del is sitting down to watch his video, if you watch the video recorder, a false top superimposes over the real one.

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The Unlucky Winner Is... - S6-E4

Revealing mistake: When Rodney and Del are sitting on the balcony and Cassandra has gone to get Rodney a drink, if you look in the glass door, you can see Cassandra's reflection with the drink waiting for her cue to come in.

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The Unlucky Winner Is... - S6-E4

Revealing mistake: In the airport scene, the same extra walks past 3 times wearing different clothes.

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Yuppy Love - S6-E1

Revealing mistake: Just after Cassandra gives Rodney his coat back, she leaves the building. As she does, you can just see Rodney in the reflection in the door. He's waiting for his cue to come out of the building.

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Danger UXD - S6-E2

Revealing mistake: When the dolls explode in the flat, you can tell they are being held by a member of the crew by the way they move. (00:26:30)

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Chain Gang - S6-E3

Revealing mistake: When Arnie's car flashes its headlights to Del, it is obvious that the person sat in the car is not the actor playing Arnie in the rest of the episode. (00:13:25)

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The Long Legs of the Law - S2-E1

Revealing mistake: At the very beginning of the episode, Leonard Pearce is waiting for the cue for his character to start looking for his teeth. He's standing in the living room, between his room and Del and Rodney's room. (00:00:25)

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Uncle Albert: Is that the radio I hear, Rodney?
Rodney: No, Elton John popped in and he's rehearsing in the kitchen!

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Trivia: Only Fools and Horses was recently voted Britain's Best Sitcom, beating BlackAdder and the Vicar of Dibley into second and third place respectively.

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