Only Fools and Horses

Big Brother - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Del and Rodney have a fight in the flat, the briefcases move from the sofa to the table. (00:19:50)

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Go West Young Man - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When the waiter is writing down the drink orders, if you look carefully, you can see that he is only pretending to write.


The Longest Night - S5-E3

Plot hole: The Trotter's are taken to the office while the supermarket is still open, the office containing the safe. Tender pickups in supermarkets are done throughout the day but how did the cash from the tills at closing reach the safe? It is unlikely that a supermarket would leave large amounts of cash in tills and counter caches. The Trotters were actually in the office as the store closed, as well as Lennox. The safe is far too small. A safe in a large supermarket would contain large bags of change and would have an inner safe for cash bricks. Also, how is it that no other member of staff noticed the situation in the office - such as maybe a member of staff involved in cashing-up tills needing to gain access to the safe? (I work in a supermarket as a Duty Manager).

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Homesick - S3-E1

Plot hole: Del says that Rodney needs to sort his priorities out about being Chairman of the Housing Committee or working the pitch. However Rodney never tells Del he is chairman (he is made chairman at the meeting in the morning and goes to find Del after the meeting as shown by the same clothes, and Del asking where he was). (00:08:30)

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Only Fools and Horses mistake picture

Big Brother - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Del and Rodney are talking and Del explains how everything is split 60-40, Del's collar is under his jacket. Camera cuts and the collar is over the jacket. (00:03:50)

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Big Brother - S1-E1

Other mistake: When Grandad is playing draughts on the talking chess game, the voice on the game talks before he presses the button.

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Heroes and Villains - S8-E1

Continuity mistake: The 3 wheel van has a breakdown and pulls up onto a pavement outside a sport shop. Del and Rodney investigate the problem. A few minutes later there is a wideshot of the vehicle, showing it's in the middle of the road, nowhere near a sport shop. (00:39:30 - 00:42:50)

Fatal Extraction - S99-E13

Continuity mistake: When Rodney and Del are coming out of the casino in the morning as they're coming down the stairs they don't have their coats on, in the next scene they do.

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