Major Fred C. Dobbs - S1-E22

Revealing mistake: When Frank is digging for gold, he has 2 shadows. (00:20:00)


Dear Dad, Again - S1-E18

Revealing mistake: When Hawkeye walks into the mess tent naked as per his bet with Trapper, in some shots, you can see that he is really still wearing shorts. (00:07:40)

M*A*S*H mistake picture

Edwina - S1-E13

Revealing mistake: While Hawkeye and Eddie are in the Swamp, when Eddie knocks over the stovepipe we can see that it's actually split into two pieces for the stunt, whereas in the previous shots it's not.

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The Army-Navy Game - S1-E20

Revealing mistake: When the second shell explodes outside, the shelf in the right foreground shakes a moment, then the top suddenly flips up, dumping the bottles that were on it. Obviously a stagehand flipped it when no bottles fell.

Dear Dad - S1-E12

Revealing mistake: In Margaret's tent, as the candle alternates between lit and extinguished, the light lags a second or two between on and off.

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The Ringbanger - S1-E16

Revealing mistake: As Buzz is stopped at the tent door by Hawkeye and Trapper, the vertical edge of the "sky" is seen over the top of the hospital building, behind the camo net.

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