Star Trek: Enterprise

Acquisition - S1-E19

Trivia: One of the Ferengi, Ulis, is played by Ethan Phillips. Phillips played Neelix in "Star Trek: Voyager." In S3 E5 of Voyager, "False Profits", Neelix disguised himself as a Ferengi.


Shuttlepod One - S1-E16

Trivia: Trip tells Malcolm, "if I remember my honors biology course correctly, your hair and nails keep growing for quite a while after you're dead." However, this is a myth and would never be taught in any biology class, especially in the future. Nothing keeps growing after you're dead, as the skin dries out, and the body decomposes, the skin retracts and just makes the hair and nails look longer. This is more likely a mistake, but since it's possible Trip isn't a biology expert, forgot his honors biology, or is just teasing Malcolm, it should be noted as trivia.


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