Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 generally

Easter egg: On the 7th Disc, under Special Features there are 3 extra interviews that you can watch. 1) Highlight "Creating Enterprise" then use left arrow to highlight the top Enterprise model and press enter/play, 2) Highlight "Cast Impressions" then use the left arrow to highlight the middle Enterprise model and press enter/play, and 3) select "more" to go to the second page of special features, Highlight "Admiral Forrest takes Center Stage" and press the left arrow to highlight the middle Enterprise model and press enter/play.

The Catwalk - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: T'Pol says she has never been camping, but she went in "Strange New World."

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Jannar: Someone once said that dealing with Reptilians is like bargaining with the sun. You make no progress, and you come away burned.

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Regeneration - S2-E23

Trivia: A film reference to Star Trek: First Contact: Archer says something about a group of cybernetic creatures (The Borg), that tried to stop Cochrane from launching his mission into space that was stopped by a group of humanoids, that were also from the future (USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E).

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