Star Trek: Enterprise
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Ensign Hoshi Sato: Maybe it's a log. What do you think?
Commander Tucker: Beats me. Could be a laundry list... or instructions on how to conquer the universe?

Subcommander T'Pol: "Delicate" is not a word I associate with Mr. Tucker.

Dr. Phlox: When was the last time you slept?
Commander Tucker: T'Pol tattling on me?
Dr. Phlox: She's worried about you.
Commander Tucker: I appreciate that, but I'm holding this ship together with spit and bailing wire.
Dr. Phlox: Six hours.
Commander Tucker: Two.
Dr. Phlox: Four.
Commander Tucker: Done. And remind me never to buy a car from you.

Captain Archer: You missed T'Pol's latest battle with chopsticks.
Commander Tucker: Darn. Dinner and a show.

Captain Archer: Remind me to stop trying to help people.

Captain Archer: We should be entering the nebula.
Subcommander T'Pol: The readings could be misleading.
Captain Archer: As Dr. Phlox would say - optimism.
Subcommander T'Pol: Optimism doesn't alter the laws of physics.

Lt. Reed: All we have left is to reset the emitters.
Lieutenant Talas: What's the frequency?
Lt. Reed: I'll do it.
Lieutenant Talas: You don't trust me.
Lt. Reed: No offence, but when it comes to our weapons frequencies, I wouldn't trust my own mother.
Lieutenant Talas: Is your mother considered a security risk?
Lt. Reed: It's just an expression.
Lieutenant Talas: An odd one. My mother's security clearance is higher than mine.

Captain Archer: You're from 900 years in the future, and you need MY help?

Commander Tucker: Grandma taught me never to judge a species by their eating habits.

Commander Tucker: I don't want to be responsible for giving the crew... the runs.

Captain Archer: I believe someone once defined a compromise as a solution that neither side is happy with.
Shran: In that case, these talks have been extremely successful.

Commander Tucker: Where did you put the phase pistols?
Travis Mayweather: You're going to shoot a bug?
Commander Tucker: I'm just going to stun it.

Dr. Phlox: That's it, time's up.
Commander Tucker: It sure is.

Kaitaama: Is your entire species so ill mannered?
Commander Tucker: Nope. Just me.

Commander Tucker: I don't like pushing the engines at 110%.
Subcommander T'Pol: They are rated for 120.
Commander Tucker: My underwear's flame-retardant, but it doesn't mean I want to set fire to myself to prove it.

Dr. Phlox: Commander Tucker reassigned the repair team that that was working here. He said the Armoury was a higher priority. We'll see how low a priority I am the next time he burns his fingers on a plasma conduit.

Jannar: Someone once said that dealing with Reptilians is like bargaining with the sun. You make no progress, and you come away burned.

Ensign Hoshi Sato: You're the captain. Can't you order the storm to calm down?

T'Les: Have you informed T'Pol?
Commander Tucker: Informed her of what?
T'Les: You're in love with her.

Zobral: I wouldn't be a good host if I allow my guests to be killed.

The Catwalk - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: T'Pol says she has never been camping, but she went in "Strange New World."

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Regeneration - S2-E23

Trivia: A film reference to Star Trek: First Contact: Archer says something about a group of cybernetic creatures (The Borg), that tried to stop Cochrane from launching his mission into space that was stopped by a group of humanoids, that were also from the future (USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E).

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