Dawson's Creek

True Love - S3-E23

Trivia: This scene where Jack finally kisses Ethan, was originally longer. The part not aired included Jack walking away, going back over to Grams and Jen and breaking down emotionally. Unfortunately, the added footage had to be cut due to time constraints. According to Paul Stupin in this commentary, scripts for "Dawson's Creek" always came in long. The running time was only approximately 42 minutes long for each episode, but they had cuts coming in up to 55-60 minutes long. Therefore, a lot of editing had to be done including cutting out this portion of Jack's scene. (00:30:05)

True Love - S3-E23

Trivia: Joey is standing in front of the wall Pacey has rented for her, with his painted message on it. In actuality, that same wall still exists in Wilmington, NC. There was a production issue about not being allowed to actually paint on the wall itself. So in order to film this scene; they had to build a smaller, phony brick 'wall' over the real wall for Pacey's message. If you look closely, you can see the phony wall sticking out from the original wall. (00:19:15)

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