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5 mistakes in The Buying Game

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The Buying Game - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When Will is sorting his CD's, Grace enters the flat and puts her bag on the sofa with the back facing out and it is all black. When Will gives Grace a glass of wine, the front of the bag is facing out, with the flower design. (00:05:10)

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The Buying Game - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When Grace is putting on the waterworks in front of the landlord, to get a lower cut on the apartment, the bowl of tassels on the table is repeatedly full/half full, and tassels jump in and out of the bowl. (00:16:00)

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Karen: Gosh, I don't think that I've ever been stressed out. Why would I be? I've got practically no responsibilities, my job's a breeze and I've got a killer rack! Good morning!

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Election - S2-E2

Trivia: In the scene where the they are having a tenants meeting, the woman on the sofa tells Will that someone "stole" her umbrella, she says it's similar to the one Tim Kaiser has, and Tim Kaiser happens to be the show producer's name.

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Answer: A history of the game can be found at http://www.fast-rewind.com/bacon.htm.

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