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Backwards - S3-E1

Other mistake: At the start of the episode, there is a spoof Star Wars-type caption, which spools up the screen very quickly. Too quickly to be read, in fact... which may explain why few people have noticed that the last line of the caption, "And now the Saga Continuums...", is written twice. (00:00:20)

Backwards - S3-E1

Other mistake: When Rimmer is testing Kryten on a book of space traffic signs, Kryten stops on one page and is tested, which he says the sign is a binary star. Without turning the page, Rimmer points to a second sign on the same page asking what it is, which he points out is a blue giant about to supernova. After pointing to the time hole, Rimmer turns back to the book, saying "Right. What's this?" whilst still on the same page, pointing to a another sign. The page that is being used has one sign shown on the right hand side page, and the left hand side page is completely blank, equalling one sign on both sides of the page, but two or three signs are made mention to when on the page. (00:05:20)

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Backwards - S3-E1

Other mistake: It is established in the backwards version of Earth, that all writing is reversed and is spelled backwards. However, there are some inconsistencies, as in some instances the writing has been mirrored to appear reversed, whilst in some instances the writing has just been spelled out backwards. For example, car number plates and signs on display in the background have been mirrored to appear reversed, but the newspaper that Kryten reads, the Nodnol sign and the Sensational Reverse Brothers poster appear normally typed out, and not as the mirror image that other aspects of this world have.

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Bodyswap - S3-E4

Other mistake: The milkshake and toffee crisp come out of a different vending machine to where they were ordered. (00:01:50 - 00:06:55)


Bodyswap - S3-E4

Other mistake: When Lister inadvertently sets off the Auto Destruct sequence, the computer voice says the ship will detonate in 15 minutes. The computer then says "the ship will detonate" every five seconds followed by how much time until detonation, but the time in which the computer says this is inconsistent. Two seconds after the computer says 15 minutes, the computer says the ship will detonate in 14 minutes 55 seconds. Ten seconds after saying that, the computer says the ship will detonate in 14 minutes 50 seconds. (00:01:50)

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Suggested correction: He keeps hitting it to cancel the self destruct, which then speeds up the countdown.

The mistake occurred before Lister touched anything and isn't about the obvious jump in the time left. 5 seconds taking 2 seconds and then 10 seconds is the mistake.


Bodyswap - S3-E4

Other mistake: When the group are discussing if they can override the Auto Destruct, the computer voice says 8 minutes 20 seconds until detonation. About 20 seconds after saying this, the computer voice then says 8 minutes 10 seconds until detonation. (00:02:35)

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Bodyswap - S3-E4

Other mistake: When Lister (in Rimmer's body) pleads the Cat to lend him his body, he says "how else can I pilot White Midget?" In the next scene, the Blue Midget is being piloted, and White Midget was originally abandoned for Starbug. (This mistake was admitted by the crew). (00:21:45)

Skipper - S12-E6

Plot hole: Kryten explains that the quantum skipper must be recharged after every use, and the time this takes must be must be taken into account. This is an important plot device the first time Rimmer uses it, but it is conveniently forgotten for the rest of the episode.

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Nanarchy - S7-E8

Lister: What, they fixed your core program and then decided they'd be better off without you?
Holly: Yeah, it was shortly after they met me.

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Meltdown - S4-E6

Trivia: "Meltdown" was originally planned to be the first episode of Series IV of Red Dwarf. However, the militaristic tone of this episode - and in particular Dave Lister's strident anti-war speech near The End of the episode - meant it fell foul of the BBC censors. The original planned transmission date (Feb 14 1991) coincided with the outbreak of "Operation Desert Storm" - the Gulf War...and the BBC felt that an "anti-war" episode of Red Dwarf would be inappropriate for a country at war with Iraq.

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Answer: Presumably he does, but it's never been used in any material related to the show. He is the only Cat left (as shown in Series 1), so even if he had once had a name, nobody would know it.

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Answer: In the book, the Cat finds the concept of a name confusing, as he's convinced he's the center of the universe and the idea that someone wouldn't know who he was is baffling.

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