Red Dwarf

Dimension Jump - S4-E5

Corrected entry: The Dimension Jump drive isn't a Time Machine, but it sends Ace Rimmer three million years into the future.


Correction: It's a different dimension that just happens to be 3,000,000 years into the point of departure's future.

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Dimension Jump - S4-E5

Corrected entry: Ace states that Kryten is not waterproof, yet he must have got wet in the episode Backwards in series 3, as the ship crashes underwater, and soon after Kryten and Rimmer are in a lifeboat sailing for shore. How did they get our of the sunken ship without getting wet? He also drinks water in the "Backwards" episode, and again in series 6, in the episode "Legion". (00:19:20)


Correction: Kryten is likely at least "water-resistant," otherwise he could never get even slightly wet. We never actually saw them leave Starbug in "Backwards," he may have put on a scuba suit. As for drinking water, those systems may be waterproofed to allow for coolant intake without his entire body being waterproofed.

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Dimension Jump - S4-E5

Corrected entry: Lister tells Ace that Rimmer is a hologram and "can't touch anything", yet almost immediately after, Ace asks Rimmer to help him fix the engine. Was Ace not listening to Lister?


Correction: First explanation ; maybe you're right - he wasn't listening. Second explanation; Ace thinks Rimmer knows how Starbug works, and he can help with technical instructions and advice. Third explanation; he knows Rimmer is a total smeghead and he wants him where he can keep an eye on him to stop him causing any more problems. Fourth ... get the idea?

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