Sex and the City

The big journey - S5-E7

Revealing mistake: After Carrie leaves the hotel bathroom, Samantha is getting out of the tub. In the mirror behind her, you can see that Kim Cattrall (Samantha) is wearing some sort of dark pink undergarment below her waist to hide herself. (00:19:35)

The big journey - S5-E7

Revealing mistake: While Carrie and Sam are in the bar car, the train bumps and the passengers swerve to the left.Problem is, they do not move in sync, revealing the camera trick. The first one to move is the girl in front, and a second later the woman on the left moves.

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The caste system - S2-E10

Visible crew/equipment: When Charlotte approaches Wyle in front of the fire extinguisher, the boom mic is visible at the top of the screen. (00:10:40)

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Samantha: There isn't enough wall space in New York City to hang all of my exes. Let me tell you, a lot of them were hung.

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Trivia: Cynthia Nixon, who plays redhead Miranda Hobbes, is a natural blonde. She had to dye her hair for the role.

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Question: During the first few seasons (pretty obviously in season 3), Carrie often wears the same ring on her right or left hand on her middle finger. Is this Sarah Jessica Parker's wedding ring?

Answer: Yes, it is.

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