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Episode #1.1 - S1-E1

Factual error: The American flag shown waving outside the White House is the current present-day flag with 50 stars. From 1896 to 1908, (the time period that this show is set in) the US flag only had 45 stars as Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nebraska, Alaska and Hawaii were not recognised as states in that time period. The flag did not have 50 stars until 1960. (00:04:30)

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Episode #1.24 - S1-E24

Trivia: Daily Mail journalist Frederick McKenzie takes a photo of the Righteous Army, which is stated to be the only existing photo of Korea's freedom fighters. This photo is a direct recreation of a real-life photo of the Righteous Army, taken by Frederick McKenzie (who was a real-life war journalist) and is to date, the only existing photo of Korea's freedom fighters. (00:30:12)

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