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Lupin III (2015)

2 factual errors in The Marriage of Lupin III

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The Marriage of Lupin III - S1-E1

Factual error: The magazine roll with the various appearances of Rebecca has pretty solid Italian in it, but some headlines are phrased in ways that just don't work and would never appear on a cover, such as "Finalmente scoperto!", which would translate as "Finally uncovered", but with the wrong gender, and coordinating awkwardly with the following part. Also, they put a "The 10 best movies of the year" on a magazine called "Teatro", which is a word strictly reserved for stage play. (00:04:15)

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The Marriage of Lupin III - S1-E1

Factual error: The taxi driver bringing Zenigata to the wedding gives him some background information about his home country, San Marino. In the English dub he says "It's one of the most ancient kingdoms in the world." San Marino is a republic. (00:00:20)

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Until Sunset, the Full Moon - S1-E7

Character mistake: Zenigata uncovers Elena's arm saying he noticed the mark when she was fighting "those guys previously." Which guys? Her assailant was just one dude. (00:13:40)

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