Perfect Strangers
Movie Quote Quiz

Balki Bartokomous: Oh give me a line of credit.

Balki Bartokomous: Where do I come up with them?

Larry Appleton: Our goal for this evening is to acheive physical contact. Now how do we acheive physical contact?
Balki Bartokomous: Begging?
Larry Appleton: Dancing.

Larry Appleton: I didn't lie. At most, I massaged the truth a little.
Balki Bartokomous: Massaged? You gave it a full body scrub and a mud bath.

Balki Bartokomous: Now we are so happy, we do the Dance of Joy.

Balki Bartokomous: Hi, cousin! I just baked a big batch of bing bong binki binki bakalava.
Larry Appleton: ...Bing bong binki binki bakalava?
Balki Bartokomous: Bingo! Want a big bite, booby?
Larry Appleton: Better not, buddy.
Balki Bartokomous: ...bummer.
Larry Appleton: Bitter, Balki?
Balki Bartokomous: You bet your Bibby Babkas I'm bitter, baby! I busted my butt baking these itty bitty binkis, and believe me, I banked on a bit of basic brotherly bolstering.
Larry Appleton: Balki, buddy, baby.

Balki Bartokomous: Momma told me never to do the dance of joy alone, or I would go blind.

Balki Bartokomous: Well, feed me garlic and call me stinky.

Balki Bartokomous: You said that you would not go overboard, and now look at you. You're scraping barnacles off the Titanic.

Larry Appleton: Take three steps east, please be meticulous.
Balki Bartokomous: Well of course we will, don't be ridiculous.

Balki Bartokomous: You may call it intuition, you may call it common sense, you may call the wind Mariah.

Balki Bartokomous: I wash my face of the whole business.

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