Titans (2018)

2 mistakes in Bruce Wayne

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Bruce Wayne - S2-E7

Other mistake: Dick shoots into the bathtub to scare information out of the guy taking a bath. Three shots splash up - trouble is from the angle he was shooting at, very shallow, those bullets would have smashed through the other side of the bath, but nothing happens.

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Bruce Wayne - S2-E7

Character mistake: After Jason falls from the skyscraper and is saved by Conner, he suffers some sort of PTSD. It is very hard to believe that a guy who fights crime all the time and fights people wanting to kill him so often (which includes Deathstroke beating and stabbing him like it was nothing) magically starts to suffer from PTSD just because he almost fell from a building. It doesn't make sense and feels forced.


Hawk and Dove - S1-E2

Trivia: While Hank and Dawn are in the warehouse on the truck there is the name "Ditko Movers", a reference to Steve Ditko, the creator of Hawk and Dove.

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