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Narrator: This was part of a foreign land, transplanted bodily to America and known as Little Tokyo. Since a wise government rounded up the immoral hoods, it has become virtually a ghost street, where only one business survives, eking out a precarious existence on the dimes of curiosity-seekers.

Richard Grayson: With these bells we better get out of here. We don't want the police to catch us in these outfits.

Linda Page: You think we can catch them?
Bruce Wayne: Sure, I just hope we catch them before a speed cop catches us.

Alfred Pennyworth: How many did I kill?
Bruce Wayne: Seven.
Alfred Pennyworth: But there were only four of the ruffians.
Richard Grayson: You killed three of them twice.
Alfred Pennyworth: Where are the bodies?
Bruce Wayne: We threw them out the window.

Dr. Tito Daka aka Prince Daka: The League of the New Order of Hirohito, Heavenly Ruler and Prince of the Rising Sun, marches on, and nothing will ever stop it. You might just as well try to stop the tides, the winds.

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