Episode Title Mistakes
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Season 1
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1The Electrical Brain0
2The Bat's Cave0
3The Mark of the Zombies0
4Slaves of the Rising Sun0
5The Living Corpse0
6Poison Peril0
7The Phoney Doctor0
8Lured by Radium0
9The Sign of the Sphinx0
10Flying Spies0
11A Nipponese Trap0
12Embers of Evil0
13Eight Steps Down0
14The Executioner Strikes0
15The Doom of the Rising Sun0

Narrator: This was part of a foreign land, transplanted bodily to America and known as Little Tokyo. Since a wise government rounded up the immoral hoods, it has become virtually a ghost street, where only one business survives, eking out a precarious existence on the dimes of curiosity-seekers.

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