Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chapter Twenty-Six: All of Them Witches - S3-E6

Continuity mistake: When Sabrina, Ambrose and Caliban are in the library, after Caliban leaves and Sabrina and Ambrose go to the table, the lit candle that Sabrina is holding completely disappears.


Chapter Seven: Feast of Feasts - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: When we first see the men hunting they have rifles with iron sights, after they have shot the deer all of their rifles have scopes on them.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina Is Legend - S3-E8

Visible crew/equipment: During the strobe lighting at the very end of series three, with Faustus Blackwood seemingly releasing something evil, it is noticed that during the flashes, it is leaving after effects, showing the shape of the equipment that make the strobe lighting. (00:58:00 - 01:00:00)


Chapter Six: An Exorcism in Greendale - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When Lady Blackwood is talking to Zelda about her 2 miscarriages, she only has one hand on her belly, but in the next shot she's using both hands.


Chapter Two: The Dark Baptism - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When Sabrina is about to sign the book with her blood, the drop of blood keeps changing where it's at. At first it hits a drawn line, then it's above the drawn line and is right below the last name. In the third shot, there is now a line space between it and the last name in the book. It continues to change depending on the camera angle.


Trivia: Shooting scenes with Salem proved pretty difficult for Kiernan Shipka, who discovered on set that she's actually allergic to cats.

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