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3 mistakes in Old Wounds

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Old Wounds - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When the Krill shuttles land, they park on either side of the entrance to Epsilon station, but when the Orville crew are escaping, the Krill shuttles are gone momentarily (during the firefight), only to return to their proper places a moment later as the Orville shuttle takes off. (00:33:40)


Old Wounds - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Gordon starts to unpack his bag, he moves the flap all the way over. When John enters the room, the flap is still down, but in the next shot the flap is sticking pretty much straight up.


Old Wounds - S1-E1

Character mistake: After Mercer's speech to the entire crew he dismisses everyone except for the senior staff but everyone, including the senior staff, starts walking away as if they were dismissed as well.

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Suggested correction: They were walking away, but not as if they were dismissed. The group of senior officers and Mercer are in a completely different part of the room (or possible an entirely different room). Notice the doorway where Mercer is standing. At the beginning, he's in the doorway and it has a white boarder and a 2nd set of doors. Then he's standing in front of a doorway with a blue boarder and no 2nd set of doors.


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Question: Now that season 3 is out, has there been any updates about why Alara was written off, or why Halston Sage left the show, near the beginning of season 2? In 2019, she seemed to indicated her leaving wasn't her choice and it was what was best for the show. But, the fact that they replaced her character with another female Xelayan makes it seem like they weren't really making any changes. And with a 4th season unlikely, are there any rumors Sage will return in season 3?


Answer: No official reason has been given. Halston Sage has only stated in an interview that leaving the show was not her choice. It is considered that her possible return is "open ended", and while there has been no official announcement, she did make a reappearance at the end of Season 2.

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