Apple Tree Yard

Apple Tree Yard (2016)

2 mistakes

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Starring: Kezia Burrows

Genres: Drama

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Factual error: The sergeant's stripes on the sleeves of the police officer appearing as a witness at the trial are in a completely incorrect style for a Metropolitan Police sergeant (or indeed by any British police sergeant). She also wears small metal stripes on her epaulettes. These are not worn with tunics, where the stripes are only worn on the sleeves; only her number should appear on her epaulettes.


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Factual error: The judge requires £100,000 to be paid to the court in bail and Yvonne's husband later says he had to cash in bonds to get the money. In Britain, bail is not paid in advance. It is sufficient to prove that it is available if necessary and it is only required to be paid if the defendant later absconds.


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