Death in Paradise

Episode #2.1 - S2-E1

Character mistake: The clinic who ran the tests for Roger Seymour's brain tumor surely does not employ just brain surgeons, because the spelling in the official report is simply atrocious ("apetite" (twice), "consistant"). (00:21:00)


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Dark Memories - S7-E7

Trivia: Spoiler; In this episode, for the first time the suspect (and eventual culprit) is not present for the ending confrontation, with a chance he'd get away with murder. The actor playing Samuel Palmer, Larrington Walker, died before the finale could be filmed.


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Show generally

Question: Why did the cord on the wall phone in the police station change from straight in the early episodes to coiled later?

Answer: There's probably no particular reason. Sets and props on long-running TV shows often change as needed and for various reasons throughout a series run.


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