Death in Paradise
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Suggested correction: As someone having to wear such a mask I can only say that from time to time you do not wear it - it is not a very comfortable thing to do. Especially if one is drunk as Cedrik, he may have skipped wearing the mask that night. So I would not count it as a mistake.

As a fellow mask wearer myself, agreed. Its entirely plausible with Cedrik being that intoxicated he just simply didn't put his mask on.

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Episode #2.5 - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: In the beginning the man who takes care of food and drinks hurt his fingers. Only in the last scene we see that he has bandages around the hurt fingers for the first time.

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Suggested correction: I thought the same but actually he wears the correct bandage in the scenes after the murder, all the time. The tape is hard to spot because of the color and is not in frame a lot, but in the scene when he is back on the boat "for the knives" you can spot the tape at minute 21, when he says "Except for the cocktails she was drinking", and in the crab scene he is also sporting the bandage.

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Episode #1.3 - S1-E3

Other mistake: Investigating the crime scene, Richard, facing away from Camille, asks what was the victim drinking. Camille is already going for the glass of rum before he asks the question. (00:03:00)

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Suggested correction: This could be explained by a detective doing a good job.

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I hope that watching the scene it can be clear. Camille was busy taking some notes, and he is facing away from her. All of a sudden, he says "So, what was she drinking?" and while he is at "So" Camille is literally lunging to her side to go look at the glass. Neither had any possible way to get that kind of timing, and it's not played as a "Hey, we were both thinking the same thing! Jinx!" kind of gag.

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I'll watch the scene on Netflix shortly.

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Murder from Above - S7-E1

Character mistake: A computer display of currency transactions shows the word "withdrawal" spelled as "withdrawl." (It is also spelled correctly higher up on the display). (00:25:05)

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Dark Memories - S7-E7

Trivia: Spoiler; In this episode, for the first time the suspect (and eventual culprit) is not present for the ending confrontation, with a chance he'd get away with murder. The actor playing Samuel Palmer, Larrington Walker, died before the finale could be filmed.

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Question: When Richard reminisces about England, he talks about going to the pub and having a pint. Yet the whole time he's in Saint Marie, he is never seen to drink alcohol with the rest of the team; only cups of tea. Why?

Answer: Most likely they had only tropical exotic drinks, he wanted an old fashioned English beer.

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