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6.3/10.The first three seasons were cheesy harmless fun.It seemed like they were copying the formula of tv's Charlie's Angels and Wonder Woman.Melissa Benoist, Helen Slater, Calista Flockhart turned in excellent performances, especially Helen who always has a nice quiet dignity and graceful charm about her.However things started changing in Season 3 with the plot line about Lena Luthor, Lex's mother, plotting to send all space aliens back into space.An annoying gripe about United States policy towards illegal aliens from Mexico is what it truly was.What made it worse was when the President, played by the annoying Lynda Carter, is revealed as a space alien herself.So it's okay she broke the law for the greater good.Then in Season 4 they bring in the first transgender superheroine, just really ramming their political beliefs down our throats.I worry for the kids who watch this show as their views are getting shaped by overpaid dolts.Say what you will about adult film stars but they don't push their political beliefs down our throats.Melissa herself seems to have gotten a swelled head like Lynda Carter whose guest appearance seemed appropriate.The only reason the show's still going even if the ratings are sagging is because they've got good lawyers who'll threaten the CW network if they dare cancel them.The show started out decently, too bad it got lost along the way and has become an unfixable, unwatchable mess.


Supergirl Lives - S2-E9

Continuity mistake: As they are fleeing the alien base, Supergirl and the others run towards the portal, Winn activates it and jumps through. In a following shot (after a 'friendly' alien helps them), he is standing behind Supergirl again. (00:32:00 - 00:32:35)

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Midvale - S3-E6

Kara: So, J'onn says to head straight back to the DEO, and if we scratch his car, he'll put us in containment.
Alex: Well, you'd better let me drive, then.
Kara: Why? I'm a great driver.
Alex: You almost killed us twice coming up here.
Kara: That possum came from nowhere.

Cubs Fan Premium member

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Answer: Another part of why the change was that it's cold in Canada in the winter and the old costume didn't protect her from it, whereas the new one is nice and warm.

Answer: I can't say for certain, so I'm surmising that the change was to "catch up" with the other Arrowverse shows, particularly Arrow and The Flash, whose lead characters have undergone various upgrades and redesigns of their superhero suits over the years; after four seasons, Kara's probably just felt a little stale. And I believe the change in hairstyle was Melissa Benoist's personal decision and had nothing to do with the character.

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