Show generally 1
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 3
2 Stronger Together 0
3 Fight or Flight 1
4 How Does She Do It? 0
5 Livewire 0
6 Red Faced 0
7 Human for a Day 1
8 Hostile Takeover 0
9 Blood Bonds 0
10 Childish Things 0
11 Strange Visitor from Another Planet 0
12 Bizarro 0
13 For the Girl Who Has Everything 1
14 Truth, Justice and the American Way 0
15 Solitude 1
16 Falling 2
17 Manhunter 2
18 Worlds Finest 2

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Kara: So, J'onn says to head straight back to the DEO, and if we scratch his car, he'll put us in containment.
Alex: Well, you'd better let me drive, then.
Kara: Why? I'm a great driver.
Alex: You almost killed us twice coming up here.
Kara: That possum came from nowhere.



As they are fleeing the alien base, Supergirl and the others run towards the portal, Winn activates it and jumps through. In a following shot (after a 'friendly' alien helps them), he is standing behind Supergirl again.



At the bar Kara throws the peanuts against the bottles in exactly the same way Superman did in Superman 3.