The Rifleman

The Rifleman (1958)

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The Shattered Idol - S4-E10

Revealing mistake: Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) spends a night in North Fork while the wheel of a stagecoach he is riding in is being repaired. Clemens is fishing at a lake and Mark McCain says, "You've caught a fish " Clemens tells the boy to reel in the fish. The boy jerks the rod and pulls the fish out of the water. The fish is obviously a fake which a stagehand had attached to the hook. The fish is motionless and is not even wet.

Show generally

Factual error: Lucas is constantly twirling the rifle after rapid firing a few shots. Since the cocking ring is set on semi-automatic, the rifle should fire as it comes around.

Paul Rybak
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Suggested correction: He twirls the rifle in the opening of the show, after he's just emptied it completely.

Jason Hoffman

The Sharpshooter - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Mark and Vern sit at a table in the hotel dining room. After they order beef stew, Vern sets his menu on top of a plate. When Lucas enters and sits down, the menu has vanished.

Steven Lee

Old Tony - S5-E26

Continuity mistake: Lucas, Micah and Joe are riding to the home of Old Tony and the sleeves of Lucas' long-sleeved shirt are rolled up. In a long shot, as Tony watches the men approach, Lucas' sleeves are down. In the following close-up, the sleeves are rolled up.

Steven Lee

Conflict - S5-E13

Other mistake: At the beginning of the episode, Lucas and Mark are riding their horses and discover a large footprint of a cougar. Near the end of the episode, Lucas is riding in a different area and sees another cougar footprint. The close-up of the footprint is the same one that was shown earlier. (00:01:00 - 00:21:00)

Steven Lee

Requiem at Mission Springs - S5-E22

Other mistake: After Mark falls from a horse and is paralyzed, Doc Burrage recommends that Mark soak his legs in the Mission Springs mineral spring. Lucas, Mark and Lou drive a wagon to the site. At night they all complain about how cold it is and there is a steady sound of wind blowing but all the trees and bushes are motionless.

Steven Lee

Closer Than a Brother - S3-E22

Revealing mistake: In the saloon, Micah announces he is resigning as sheriff. He sets two bottles of liquor on the bar and Lucas McCain immediately slaps them away. The bottles are obviously not real because they shatter into hundreds of pieces as soon as Lucas touches them.

The Prisoner - S3-E25

Revealing mistake: Two former Civil War officers prepare to make camp in a sandy area surrounded by large rock formations. It is obvious that they are on an indoor set. As one man takes a few steps, the sound of his boots hitting the wooden platform beneath the sand can be heard.

The Sixteenth Cousin - S5-E17

New this month Factual error: Lucas and Mark are traveling on what is said to be the first train to ever reach the town of North Fork. The episode is set in the 1880s and the train shown was part of the M.K. & T. Railroad, which at that time was operating only in Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma. The fictional town of North Fork is located in New Mexico Territory.

Steven Lee

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