The Rifleman

The Rifleman (1958)

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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 The Sharpshooter 0
2 Home Ranch 0
3 End of a Young Gun 0
4 The Marshal 0
5 The Brother-in-Law 0
6 Eight Hours to Die 0
7 Duel of Honor 0
8 The Safe Guard 0
9 The Sister 0
10 New Orleans Menace 0
11 The Apprentice Sheriff 0
12 The Angry Gun 0
13 The Young Englishman 0
14 The Gaucho 0
15 The Pet 0
16 The Sheridan Story 0
17 The Retired Gun 0
18 The Photographer 0

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Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) spends a night in North Fork while the wheel of a stagecoach he is riding in is being repaired. Clemens is fishing at a lake and Mark McCain says, "You've caught a fish " Clemens tells the boy to reel in the fish. The boy jerks the rod and pulls the fish out of the water. The fish is obviously a fake which a stagehand had attached to the hook. The fish is motionless and is not even wet.