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Visible crew/equipment: As the 'Trojan' horse is being pulled into the city of Troy, in the cable-cam shot, just after the camera passes over the last of the riders on horseback, it passes a wood structure on the left, beside the large columns. Inside is a man in a black tee shirt, standing beside another man who holds an HT (handie-talkie - a two-way radio) up to his mouth with his right hand, as he points with his left hand. Then when the cable-cam spins around, they and a white tee shirt guy are visible down below. As a side note, there are some in the crowd that make eye contact with the camera and follow it as it passes (the cable-cam is not the POV of anyone - it sails over people's heads in the opposite direction than the 'Trojan' horse is being brought). Before it nears the wood structure, a woman on the ground below raises both her arms to wave and smile directly at the camera as it passes over. (02:17:10)

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