The Dark Knight

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Continuity mistake: During the big chase, at one point Batman, riding the Bat Pod, shoots out a glass doorway and proceeds to drive through an underground area loaded with storefronts. However, if you look, the editing makes no sense. He rounds a corner and shoots out the glass doors and is about 5 feet away from crashing through, then it cuts and he's in a completely different area with completely different lighting going up a ramp, then the camera cuts again and he bursts through the doors seen two cuts prior. The rest of the scene is edited normally, so it makes no sense why this moment has the Bat Pod teleporting to a completely different location for one short shot. A prior correction stated he was going up a wheelchair ramp, but this is complete hogwash - the ramp he's going up is in a different location nowhere near the doorway, and he's at least 50 feet from any structures, whereas moments prior he was only about 5 feet from the doorway.


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