The Last Boy Scout

Continuity mistake: When Wayans and Willis are chasing the limo on the freeway, Wayans draws a picture of a bomb to hold up to the guys in the limo. He draws a large circle with about 6 lines coming out of it with the word "BOM" underneath it. When he holds the picture up at the window, there is only 1 line radiating from the circle. (01:20:40)

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Suggested correction: The same drawing is used, the top is slightly cropped but the lines are still visible.

It's not the same picture. In the scene (not screenshot), the top isn't cropped and you see there're fewer lines, and the circle is different. Not only that, but we see in the car "BOM" is written differently than what we see when it's against the window. Also, when he first draws the bomb, the holes in the paper are on the left, but against the window they're on the right. One could argue he flipped the page over to start again, but we already know the final drawing is different.


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