The Last Boy Scout
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Jimmy Dix: Ray, if we go any faster we're gonna travel back in time.

Alley Thug: Wrong place, wrong time. Nothing personal.
Joe Hallenbeck: That's what you think. Last night I fucked your wife.
Alley Thug: Oh you did, hah? How'd you know it was my wife?
Joe Hallenbeck: She said her husband was a big pimp lookin' motherfucker with a hat.
Alley Thug: Oh, you're real cool for a guy about to take a bullet.
Joe Hallenbeck: After fucking your wife I'll take two.

Jimmy Dix: Maybe I could take your daughter horseback riding. How old is she?
Joe Hallenbeck: She's 13, and if you even look at her funny I'm gonna shove an umbrella up your ass and open it.

Mike Matthews: How long have we been friends?
Joe Hallenbeck: I'd say roughly until you started banging my wife.

Continuity mistake: After the limo crashed and Joe is standing next to it, take a look at the rear wheel of the limo. In one shot it isn't moving, in the next shot it is. This keeps alternating a few times. (01:22:40)

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Question: At what point does the suitcase with the money in it get placed in the trunk of the White BMW? It's clear that when Hallenbeck and Jimmy are running out of the rich white guy's house and take his car, you can see Jimmy putting the (money) briefcase in the car with him, and at no time in the trunk. Then, when they get back with the other briefcase containing the bomb, Jimmy also puts this case in the car with him, in the backseat. So when did anybody put the money briefcase in the trunk?

Answer: You're right, I reviewed the clip. You see Joe holding the briefcase and Jimmy run out of the rich man's house, then get directly into his car. At no time do you see him putting the briefcase anywhere. It's most likely a bad editing job.

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