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General Aladeen: You seem educated.
Zoey: Yes, I went to Amherst.
General Aladeen: I love it when women go to school. It's like seeing a monkey on rollerskates. It means nothing to them, but it's so adorable for us.

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Abbie Hoffman: That's right, we're not goin' to jail because of what we did, we're goin' to jail because of who we are.

Tom Hayden: Are we using the trial to defend ourselves against very serious charges that could land us in prison for ten years, or to say a pointless "fuck you" to the establishment?
Jerry Rubin: Fuck you.
Tom Hayden: That is what I was afraid... Wait, I don't know if you were saying "fuck you" or answering.
Abbie Hoffman: ...I was also confused.

William Kunstler: Do you know why you're on trial here?
Abbie Hoffman: We carried certain ideas across state lines. Not machine guns or drugs or little girls. Ideas. When we crossed from New York to New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Ohio to Illinois, we had certain ideas. And for that, we were gassed, beaten, arrested, and put on trial.

Reporter Jack: How much is it worth to you? What's your price?
Abbie Hoffman: To call off the revolution?
Reporter Jack: What's your price?
Abbie Hoffman: My life.

Judge Julius Hoffman: Mr. Hoffman, are you familiar with contempt of court?
Abbie Hoffman: It's practically a religion for me, sir.

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