Borat (2006)

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Borat finds Azamat in California and reconciles with him. When his plan to 'marry' Pamela Anderson by stuffing her in a cloth sack fails, he returns to New York for his flight home. On the way he realises that his obsession has made him ignore the woman that does love him, so he returns to Luenell's house.Several months later he and Luenell are happily married back in Kazakhstan.


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Borat: We didn't fly, just in case the jews repeated their attack of 9/11.



Borat and Azmat are depicted having entered Atlanta and getting off at Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. which runs East and West. Atlanta does not have a road named "Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd." The MLK in Atlanta is "Martin Luther King Junior Drive"



When Borat talks in "Kazakh," he is actually speaking Hebrew (with some Polish words thrown in) - ironic, considering the character's blatant anti-semitism in the film.