Quotes from Cathy Moriarty movies and TV shows

Gene Loomis: Y'know, it's hard to believe you're a grown-up.
Ruth Corday: No kidding.
Lawrence Woolsey: You think grown-ups have it all figured out? That's just a hustle, kid. Grown-ups are making it up as they go along, just like you. You remember that, and you'll do fine.

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Ramona: He tried to pork me.
Earl Keese: Pork you? What?
Ramona: You know you did.
Earl Keese: I swear, I never touched her.
Ramona: Well, I wasn't born with your hand in my bush.
Earl Keese: Enid... help me.

Ramona: You should have slipped it through the mail slot while you had the chance, Earl.

Ramona: I was real friendly with a boy named Earl once - well, twice really.

Ramona: Now, I'm just going to go under the covers and take a little inventory. Promise you won't go away.
Earl Keese: You're really wonderful.
Ramona: That's what I've been trying to tell you. Is it so hard having your fantasies come to life?

Ramona: God, does it always shrivel up like that when you shower?

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Montana Moorehead: Get rid of Celeste and Mr Fuzzy is yours.

Nurse Nan: Sudden speech, the last sign of brain fever. She could blow at any moment.

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