White of the Eye

White of the Eye (1987)

Ending / spoiler

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Paul White really is behind all the homicides, Joan leans of this when she discovers severed & skinned body parts hidden beneath her bath tub. Paul justifies his actions saying that all the women betrayed their husbands and so had to be punished. Not only that but he was sparing them from depression and possible suicides. Garbed in dynamite and weilding a rifle/machine gun Paul having failed to gun down his daughter, a now raging Paul drags Joan off into the wilderness. Only to be confronted by Joan's ex Mike who knows how disturbed Paul is when he witnessed Paul, mutilate a live deer while they were both out on a hunting trip. In the fight that follows, both Paul & Mike are beaten, shot and stabbed but by the end only Mike is left standing, with the dynamite surronding Paul ignighting, Mike suddenly has his foot grabbed by a dying Paul, despite blasting him in the ull in the face with a machine gun Mike fails to free himself in time from Paul's death grip as the dynamite detonates.


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