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Ken: We shall strike a balance between culture and fun.
Ray: Somehow I believe, Ken, that the balance shall tip in the favor of culture, like a big fat fucking retarded fucking black girl on a see-saw opposite... A dwarf.

Ken: You from the States?
Jimmy: Yeah. But don't hold it against me.
Ken: I won't. Just try not to say anything too loud or crass.

Ray: They're filming midgets!
Ken: C'mon, let's go back to the room.
Ray: Fuck off, Ken, they're filming midgets.

Ken: I'm sorry about the message earlier... The man who sent is a bit of a... Well, he's a bit of a...
Marie: Cock?
Ken: Yes... A bit of a cock.

Harry: Not only have you let the kid get away and failed to kill the kid, you have also prevented the kid from killin' himself, which would have solved all my problems, it would have solved all your problems, and it probably would have solved all of his problems!
Ken: It wouldn't have solved his problems, Harry.

Ken: Your girlfriend's very pretty.
Jimmy: She's ain't my girlfriend. She's a prostitute I just picked up.
Ken: I was not aware that there were any prostitutes in Bruges.
Jimmy: You just have to look in the right places... Brothels are good.
Ken: Well, you've picked up a very pretty prostitute.
Jimmy: Thank you.

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Hector: [Holding up a severed toe.] Is this the man that was killed?
Sheriff Hank Keough: He seemed... Taller.

Sheriff Hank Keough: I never heard of a crocodile crossing an ocean.
Hector Cyr: Well, they conceal information like that in books.

Sheriff Hank Keough: Crocodiles can't swim in salt water.
Hector Cyr: Yeah, well, that'll be your little secret.

Hector: You got to fire your big gun. Did it meet your expectations?
Sheriff Hank Keough: Overrated.

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Thomas Coughlin: People don't fix each other, Joseph. And they never become anything but what they've always been.

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Knuckles McGinty: I don't do nothing for no one for nothing.

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Menelaus: May the gods keep the wolves in the hills and the women in our beds.

[After Paris is sliced in the leg by Menelaus, during their duel.]
Menelaus: See the crows? They never tasted prince before.

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