Toni Collette

Quotes from Toni Collette movies and TV shows

Carla: Girlfriends, big or small, thin or fat, worship that body, it's the only one you've got.

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Agnes: Kids, this is... this is mommy's Hector.

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Joan: You didn't kill her, Annie.
Annie: What?
Joan: She isn't gone.

Charlie: Who's gonna take care of me?
Annie: Uh, excuse me? You don't think I'm gonna take care of you?
Charlie: When you die?

Annie: It's heartening to see so many strange, new faces here today. I know my mom would be very touched, and probably a little suspicious. (00:04:00)

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Jess: Lots of people are bald.
Milly: Oh, men are bald, Jess. Babies. ET. Not me.

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Donna D. Logand: The hell of it is, is you're only as loved as you think you are.

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Mandy Slade: I needn't mention how essential dreaming is to the character of the rock star.

Mandy Slade: For the first time in Brian's life, he was simply telling it like it was. Did he realise what he'd actually done? How could he have? I mean, today there'd be fighting in the streets, but in 1972, it was more like dancing.

Mandy Slade: It's funny how beautiful people look when they're walking out the door.

Mandy Slade: I was beaming, truly, like someone's mum.

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