Little Miss Sunshine

Grandpa dies [likely heroin overdose] in motel on way to pageant. They steal his body out window of hospital because they're not allowed to leave it there for a couple hours while Olive competes. Suicidal uncle gets even more depressed when he is caught buying porn [for gramps] by his ex-lover in the company of the fabulously rich handsome and successful "new" 1 Proust scholar in America. Brother talks [shrieks, actually] - "F*CK!!!!!!!" when he finds out he is color-blind in van [while Olive administers a vision test] so he will never become a pilot. Uncle explains at the end you have to suffer [a lot] to have great stuff to write about and find meaning in life so don't miss your high school years for anything. They'll both be okay. Dad's book is not optioned. As you expect, Olive is nothing like the other lacquered, over-sexualized 7 year-olds in the contest but decides to perform her talent routine anyway - an absolutely laugh-out-loud pole dance-like routine [what else would you have expected gramps to have coached her in?!] to the soundtrack "Superfreak". The rest of the family joins her on stage doing crazy bad dancing when the show organizers try to pull her off. Teeny bit anti-climactic when 3 minutes later they drive off into the sunset - the end.


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