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Iris: Because you're hoping you're wrong. And every time she does something that tells you she's no good, you ignore it. And every time she comes through and suprises you, she wins you over, and you lose that argument with yourself, that she's not for you.
Miles: Exactly, and on top of that there's the old standby, I can't believe a girl like that would actually be with a guy like me.

Iris: I like corny. I'm looking for corny in my life.

Iris: Lowpoint.

Iris: I have found almost everything ever written about love to be true. Shakespeare said, "Journeys end in lovers meeting." What an extraordinary thought.

Hannah: My god, I've just noticed how pathetic you are.
Iris: Really? I'm so aware of it.

Iris: I'm looking for corny in my life.

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Jeanine: We are all that is left of humanity. The vast wall that encloses this city may protect us from our toxic surroundings, but it is up to us to confront any element that could poison us from within. Because, when you are civilizations last hope, peace is not merely an ideal. It is an obligation. And it is up to all of us to take a stand against its one true enemy, Divergents.

Jeanine: Do you honestly think the other factions will stand for this?
Evelyn: Because you're so popular?

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Adele: I can't give you a family.
Frank: You already have.

Adele: For all the discussions of body parts and hormones, they forget to mention how it feels. There's another kind of hunger. The hunger for human touch. Desire. People never tell you about how it feels. The longing.

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Bitsey Bloom: Hate's no fun if you keep it to yourself.

Bitsey Bloom: You know you are in the bible belt when there are more churches than Starbucks.
Zack: When there are more prisons than Starbucks.

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Ronald James McGorvey: She's gone.
Sarah Pierce: Who... who's gone?
Ronald James McGorvey: Mommy's gone. Mommy died.

Brad Adamson: You have a nice place here.
Sarah Pierce: You think? Yeah, Richard does pretty well for himself.
Brad Adamson: Oh, yeah? What's he do?
Sarah Pierce: He lies.

Mary Ann: Oh that's nice. So now cheating on your husband makes you a feminist?
Sarah Pierce: No, no, no. It's not the cheating. It's the hunger - the hunger for an alternative and the refusal to accept a life of unhappiness.

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Ben Bass: If we stay here we're safe. If we leave, search and rescue, they're less likely to find us.
Alex Martin: Look, I don't want to die up here because you're too scared to take a risk. We have to do something.

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Madeleine: It's a sin against God for me to refuse your kindness. But my heart's held fast here.
Coulmier: By whom? The Marquis?
Madeleine: Mother's not half so blind as you.

Madeleine: Some things belong on paper, others in life. It's a blessed fool who can't tell the difference.

Madeleine: If I wasn't such a bad woman on the page, I couldn't be such a good woman in life.

Madeleine: You can't be a proper writer without a touch of madness, can you?

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