The Mountain Between Us

Question: Did the dog die, if not what happens to him?


Answer: The dog did not die, at least not in the film. After Ben and Alex are released from the hospital, Ben took the dog with him.

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Other mistake: Despite the up-to-date equipment used in the movie, Kate carries an old style film camera rather than a dslr. It was obviously so that she could develop the film later to realise her 'love'. At any rate, when going through her bag, she finds a roll of 35mm film to develop, but when the film is laid out on the light table for her to examine with a loupe, the film shown there is not 35mm. I think it was 126mm.

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Ben Bass: Alex, can you look at me. You really hurt your leg. Your phone is smashed, my phone has no signal and we're pretty high up on the mountain. We need to get help.

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