Most TV mistakes of 2015

1Supergirl pictureSupergirl (2015)24
2Better Call Saul pictureBetter Call Saul (2015)21
3Lucifer pictureLucifer (2015)16
4Scream pictureScream (2015)14
5Blindspot pictureBlindspot (2015)12
6Daredevil pictureDaredevil (2015)9
7Quantico pictureQuantico (2015)8
8Limitless pictureLimitless (2015)7
9Ash vs Evil Dead pictureAsh vs Evil Dead (2015)6
10Last Man on Earth pictureLast Man on Earth (2015)6
11Narcos pictureNarcos (2015)5
12Jessica Jones pictureJessica Jones (2015)5
13Sense8 pictureSense8 (2015)5
14Deutschland 83 pictureDeutschland 83 (2015)5
15Agent Carter pictureAgent Carter (2015)4
16The Man in the High Castle pictureThe Man in the High Castle (2015)4
17Jekyll & Hyde pictureJekyll & Hyde (2015)4
18Superstore pictureSuperstore (2015)4
19Galavant pictureGalavant (2015)4
20Fear the Walking Dead pictureFear the Walking Dead (2015)4
21iZombie pictureiZombie (2015)3
22Peter Kay's Car Share picturePeter Kay's Car Share (2015)3
23Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt pictureUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015)3
24Zoo (2015)3
25Empire pictureEmpire (2015)3
26Tut pictureTut (2015)2
27Unforgotten pictureUnforgotten (2015)2
28Wayward Pines pictureWayward Pines (2015)2
29Stitchers pictureStitchers (2015)2
30Heroes Reborn pictureHeroes Reborn (2015)2
31Rosewood pictureRosewood (2015)2
32Fresh Off the Boat pictureFresh Off the Boat (2015)2
33And Then There Were None pictureAnd Then There Were None (2015)2
34Black Work (2015)2
35The Bastard Executioner pictureThe Bastard Executioner (2015)2
36Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp pictureWet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (2015)2
37Mr. Robot pictureMr. Robot (2015)2
38Blunt Talk pictureBlunt Talk (2015)2
39Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll pictureSex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (2015)2
40Dickensian pictureDickensian (2015)1
41Between pictureBetween (2015)1
42The Carmichael Show pictureThe Carmichael Show (2015)1
43Scream Queens pictureScream Queens (2015)1
44The Magicians pictureThe Magicians (2015)1
45You, Me and the Apocalypse pictureYou, Me and the Apocalypse (2015)1
46Fortitude pictureFortitude (2015)1
47Another Period pictureAnother Period (2015)1
48Power Rangers Dino Charge picturePower Rangers Dino Charge (2015)1
49The Detour pictureThe Detour (2015)1
50Public Morals picturePublic Morals (2015)1
51Midwinter of the Spirit (2015)1
52Wicked City pictureWicked City (2015)1
53The Odd Couple pictureThe Odd Couple (2015)1
54Aquarius pictureAquarius (2015)1



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