Page 44 - S1-E4

Factual error: When discussing a recent search of a suspect's home, Hill Harper says "we got his hard drives", but pulls a computer power supply out of a bag. Hard drives are significantly smaller and don't have a bundle of wires coming out the back of them.

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Jon Sandys

This Is Your Brian on Drugs - S1-E11

Factual error: After Agent Rooks has taken NZT he does Sudoku puzzles. When Brian is flipping through the puzzles, the first 2 pages seem OK, but after that, the rest of the puzzles are filled in wrong, not a mistake someone on NZT would do.

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Pilot - S1-E1

Plot hole: Brian calls Rebecca after he has been shot. She asks him "Where is the bullet? Is it in your leg still?" Brian never mentioned he was shot in the leg.


Undercover! - S1-E15

Factual error: When in the search for Lucy Church, Brian says he is looking for a blue 1968 Ford Mustang. The mustang in the episode is either a 69 or 70 coupe.


Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture - S1-E14

Audio problem: When Brian and Rebecca arrive at GERD (Global Enterprise for Research and Development) and Rebecca says, "It's people like this who decided mutually assured destruction as the best way to deter nuclear attacks", her lips don't match her words when she starts speaking.

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Close Encounters - S1-E17

Revealing mistake: During the "power outage" when Brian is out on the street during the day, all the stop lights and cross walks are on - you can also see the lighting is on in the windows of office buildings.

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Page 44 - S1-E4

Other mistake: When Brian is using the right computer and thinking about the murderer of Paul Wilkerman, the computer screen is turned off.





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