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Hearts - S1-E14

Continuity mistake: Dr. Choi's right hand is on the patient's neck and his left on the patient's chest, when the camera angle changes, both hands are on the patient's neck. When the camera switches back, the left hand is on his chest and when it finally switches as he is lying the patient back, both hands are on the patient's neck again. (00:20:41)

Kiwii Stone

In the Name of Love - S5-E18

Continuity mistake: Sharon Goodwin is having dinner with her ex husband to her right, and her son to her left at the table. As she is explaining her divorce to her son, he is looking to his left to address his father as if his father was sitting across from Sharon, instead of across from him. (00:38:10 - 00:39:25)


Folie à Deux - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: Dr. Choi is playing a shootout game in his apartment dressed only in black boxers. A neighbor knocks on his door and asks him for help. Dr. Choi immediately goes to give aid, running down the hall in black pants, black sneakers and no shirt. (00:00:20 - 00:01:00)


Guilty - S1-E12

Trivia: When looking at the ultrasound report for an infant patient, the names of the three consultant radiologists are Dr. Jane Doe, MD; Dr. John Doe, MD; and Dr. Dave Doe, MD. (00:20:11)

Kiwii Stone
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