Most drama movie factual errors of 2011

1X-Men: First Class pictureX-Men: First Class (2011)16
2Moneyball pictureMoneyball (2011)12
3The Help pictureThe Help (2011)6
4The Mechanic pictureThe Mechanic (2011)4
5War Horse pictureWar Horse (2011)4
6Unknown pictureUnknown (2011)3
7Fast Five pictureFast Five (2011)3
8Rise of the Planet of the Apes pictureRise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)3
9The Artist pictureThe Artist (2011)3
10Season of the Witch pictureSeason of the Witch (2011)2
11The Rum Diary pictureThe Rum Diary (2011)2
12J. Edgar pictureJ. Edgar (2011)2
13The Grey pictureThe Grey (2011)2
14Colombiana pictureColombiana (2011)2
15The Dilemma pictureThe Dilemma (2011)1
16Abduction pictureAbduction (2011)1
17Courageous pictureCourageous (2011)1
1850/50 picture50/50 (2011)1
19Sanctum pictureSanctum (2011)1
20The Eagle pictureThe Eagle (2011)1
21Have a Little Faith (2011)1
22Take Me Home Tonight pictureTake Me Home Tonight (2011)1
23Arthur Christmas pictureArthur Christmas (2011)1
24Hugo pictureHugo (2011)1
25We Bought a Zoo pictureWe Bought a Zoo (2011)1
26Larry Crowne pictureLarry Crowne (2011)1
27One Day pictureOne Day (2011)1
28Melancholia pictureMelancholia (2011)1
29Bernie pictureBernie (2011)1
30That's What I Am pictureThat's What I Am (2011)1
31Drive pictureDrive (2011)1
32Kill The Irishman pictureKill The Irishman (2011)1



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